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Ok, so I know Hollywood couples split up on a daily basis. Marriages can’t take the spotlight, celebrities acquire wandering eyes, yadda, yadda. So it really shouldn’t come as a huge shock that Warren Lieberstein and Angela Kinsey (Angela from The Office) have just separated.


Except that I’m really sad about it.

The couple just had a baby girl, Isabel Ruby Lieberstein, about 8 months ago. It just seems so sad that they are splitting up after just starting a family.

Also (fun facts), Angela’s best friend in real life is Jenna Fisher who plays Pam on the show. And Warren’s brother* is Paul Lieberstein who plays Toby. I completely love that the actors and actresses are such a tight-knit group. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Like despite how awful some things are (like this separation or the ebola virus or finding a rogue hair in your lunch that is obviously not yours), somehow, someway everything will be ok in the end. And it is my sincerest hope that Jenna Fisher (Pam) and John Krasinski (Jim) fall in love for real…unless I get him first of course. In which case, watch your back Pammy, because as much as I adore you, I have no problem taking you down if you attempt to come between us.

Consider this your first and final warning.



*My mistake. I wrote that Paul was Warren’s uncle. Thanks for the correction!

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