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Ok, I’m still thinking entirely too much about the last post and how sad it is that Aubrey O’Day probably was once a relatively talented, cute gal who now is a few bad outfits (or nude photos, or hair bleachings) shy of being number on on my HATE LIST. Let’s journey back to a softer, more innocent time in Aubrey’s life via a lovely photo montage. Because, really, who doesn’t love a good montage?


Brunette Aubrey O'Day
Aubrey O'Day
Holy downfall. 
Maybe I should title this post “Mr. and Mrs. O’Day Must Be So Proud” or “Move Over, Tara Reid.”

Apparently, Tara Reid is designing her own clothing line called Mantra. She’s wearing something from it in the following photo…

…it’s the flimsy, yellow t-shirt (nipples not included). I could understand if the shoes were from her line – gold, sparkly, hookerish – because they sort of seem like her thing, albeit tricky to walk in when drunk or high (because she would know).

Anywho, let’s make (even more) fun of Tara because, dammit, it makes me feel better about myself. And let’s do it via poll because that makes everything more fun. Click away, people.

I don’t know what plastic surgery procedure could have caused this (or what the end result was even supposed to be), but I seriously doubt Tara Reid went to her doctor and said, “Pleeease make my overly tanned skin look like it’s falling from my bones, specifically around my ass and stomach area. God, that would be HOT!”

She appears to be made of flesh-colored playdough. Like if you pressed your face into her stomach goo an imprint would remain behind.

Remember that Family Guy episode when Peter makes a wish to have no bones?

Yeah, Tara Reid reminds me of that.


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