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kim’s massive boobies

upstage her castmates and make

all eyeballs bug out


TIM:  “heidi, from here on

         out please only address me

         as Big Daddy Gunn”


HEIDI: “herr gunn, please shove off. 

            there’s no way I’m schlagen-ing

            your brustäwarzes”



oh holy crap, madge

is a velociraptor

only scarier



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I get nervous every time I see a photo of Madonna in a sleeveless ensemble. It just looks so, well, disarming. Her arms, I just, I mean…I’m at a loss of words. Check out the guns so you can fully commiserate.


I mean, for the love of Buddha, you’re allowed to skip a few days at the gym, Madge. Go home, relax and pay other people to carry your stuff around for you so at least the veins will retreat back into your body.


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