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So, it’s been a seriously long time since I’ve written. I have been busy with a bunch of other things (excuses, excuses) but I had to take a few minutes to post this recent SNL skit. This time, the characters, including Justin Timberlake and Adam Sandburg, are on a different kind of boat but it is equally as funny. 

Enjoy and I hope to be back again soon.

**Well I can’t seem to get the video to embed properly but the link is below so you can still check it out. It’s worth the extra click, promise.

SNL Immigrant Tale


Ahhh, Friday. The most glorious of all days. The sun shines brighter, the birds chirp louder, and the alcohol flows freely (or else, it will closer towards evening when my roommate and I head out to dance the night away). And although Fridays do put an extra special bounce in my Old-Navy-flip-flopped step, there are a few storm clouds on my otherwise sunny horizon that I need to address: Poorly Paired Celebrity Couples.

Yes, I KNOW that this topic keeps you awake at night too, grinding your teeth, rocking back and forth slowly muttering “What the HELL, TomKat? Brangelina? UGH”…and then you have to slap yourself because you’ve wasted brain cells and perfectly good sleep time AND because you’re combining celebrity couples’ names – which is so freaking annoying and needs to stop immediately (I blame Ryan Seacrest, even though I’m not quite sure it’s his fault…it’s just amusing to blame him for all of the world’s problems). 

So, thanks to the brilliant suggestion from a close friend of mine, let’s suspend reality for a few fleeting moments.


Guilty Pleasure Friday: Get Back Together, Please!

1. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears – Pop Music Royalty

The world may have been a better place if these two had just worked out their problems and stayed together. They were practically engineered for each other; God/Buddha/Whoever did a coordinating paint-by-numbers from the PopStars collection and procured its Prince and Princess in J.T. and BritBrit. If they got back together, she could probably hold onto a shred of sanity, a decent hair weave, and at least partial custody of her kids. Justin would stop being so brooding and serious and could help Britney out by doing another duet to showcase his mad beatbox skills. Oh, how I hope to one day live in a world where Justin and Britney are once again united by unconditional love, laughter, and matching denim outfits.


2. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt – Hollywood’s Golden Couple

I still think that their break up is a publicity stunt. I’ll wake up Monday and the headlines will read: Too Perfect Together To Ever Be Apart. I mean, come on you guys! It’s been years and people (well, me) are still not over your divorce. Brad, yes, Angelina Jolie seems incredibly hard to resist, what with the piercing blue eyes, amazing tattooed body, and those infamous lips, but even you must admit she’s a shady character. She used to wear Billy Bob’s blood in a vial around her neck, admitted to collecting and having a (sometimes sexual) fascination with knives, and made out with her brother on many occasions. I know she’s practically a Saint these days, but WOW that’s a LOT of baggage. Wouldn’t you rather be with sweet, down-to-earth, naturally gorgeous Jennifer?

And, Jen, hang in there. I bet when Angelina is trying to convince Brad to adopt and save their 27th child he’s just going to throw up his hands and say “ENOUGH. I did NOT sign up for this,” and come running back to you.


3. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson – Beauty and No Brains

I’m going to admit it once and for all, I miss Newlyweds. These two, while sometimes gross and lots of time idiotic, were supremely entertaining together. Jessica sang her best songs and looked fantastic; Nick drank a lot of beer and got invited to Playboy Mansion Parties. What a great combination! Since then, Jess has had no career to speak of and Nick has still been working out and probably still drinking lots of beer. I know he is dating that pretty Vanessa girl, but their relationship just seems so ‘eh’ and boring – just two attractive people who photograph well together and always seem to be wearing swimsuits. Nick, where’s the passion? The steamy music videos? The tank tops??? Get back together with Jessica before she completely collapses in on herself like a dying star. Then maybe you could try to launch your solo career again…

Hahaha, kidding. Please don’t.


4. Katie Holmes and well, anybody else…


Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for Katie Holmes to get back together with Joshua Jackson (who wouldn’t?), but in all honesty, I would LOVE for Katie Holmes to get with anybody other than Tom “crazy eyes” Cruise. Besides, she and Josh dated only briefly while filming the first 2 seasons of Dawson’s Creek, and that was quite some time ago. Who knows if it would really happen again?

Then again, Katie dated and was engaged to Chris Klein for years. I don’t really know much about their relationship but their couple-y pictures seem lovely, normal, and socially acceptable (all the missing pieces of her current relationship). So, Katie, for the love of Buddha, just pick somebody else. Being with Tom makes you look dead inside, makes you dress in really bad clothes, and makes you look like a giant.

You want another reason? Here. This photo is making EVERYBODY UNCOMFORTABLE:




*Update – I JUST noticed that not only is Tom Cruise totally creepy beyond all reason but he is soaking wet. What IS that, sweat? Like Katie needs ANOTHER reason to leave him. Ew.


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This post started out titled “Underated Movies that I Love” and included everything from the Justin Timberlake movie Model Behavior (the tag line is: Looks like love is out of Sync!) to Get Over it! with Kirsten Dunst, Sisqo (yes, the Thong Song guy) and Martin Short – by the way, if you’ve never seen this movie go rent it NOW. It is f-ing hilarious. Finish reading this post and get your ass to a video store. You can thank me later.

Anyways, of course I had to include a MK & A movie in the list but hmm…well, which one?? It’s sort of impossible to pick just one. Then, as I frantically tried to decide, the post took on a life of its own. Before I knew it, I had 2 dozen Olsen movies in my queue, was applying layers upon layers of black eyeliner and had decided to take a month off from showering (ahem, Mary Kate). So I took a deep breath before I started dressing like a homeless person and decided to just dedicate a whole Guilty Pleasure Friday to the twinlettes.

 Reasons I Love the Olsen Twins:

1. Movies – Obviously the first thing that comes to my mind, here are some of the best ones: the classics To Grandmother’s House We Go (they were SO CUTE then) and It Takes Two, followed by Billboard Dad, Passport to Paris, Winning London, Holiday in the Sun, Getting There (my favorite), The Challenge, When in Rome and New York Minute.



They’s all totally formulaic and cheesy but also quite fabulous. I mean, it’s exactly how I’d want to make movies…pick a fun foreign place to film, wear tons of adorable outfits, and hand pick an attractive love interest with an accent to costar. GENIUS. The girls got to go from Paris to London to the Bahamas to Australia to Rome and get paid for it! Sign me up.

2. That Full House catchphrase “You got it, dude!”

3. Fashion – They know their clothing! Even though they sometimes wear ridiculous things, for the most part I think they always look quirky and cute.



4. If nothing else has convinced you that the twins ROCK, this should work:


(You’re welcome for getting this song stuck in your head all day. Enjoy!)


I’m off to the Outer Banks, NC until Sunday to enjoy the rainy weather. But don’t worry, I’ll have great company, board games, and plenty of beer (thanks to Brew Thru I won’t even have to get wet).




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Dedication: To you, my extreme-sports-loving friend, as you enjoy your last day of work at a job where you’re banned from using the acronym above. Soon you will know the joys of working for a company that doesn’t belittle your snack choices, label bathroom stall doors, or insist you say TGIM or TBIF instead.


Guilty Pleasure Friday: Knee Socks, Boxed Wine & NSYNC Posters

I just realized howall of those things perfectly define my Freshman year at college. Also my Sophomore year. Also my…Ok, FINE, all those things still define my life. Maybe it’s time I upgraded to newer posters (since JT peaced out and Lance tried to go to space and JC just got f-ing weird) because, let’s face it, I have no intentions of ever outgrowing the boxed wine.

Anywho, it’s MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK! Congratulations on making it to the weekend (almost, so close!). Maybe it’s because it’s still so early or maybe it’s because my brain has transported me to 13 hours from now when I’ll be enjoying my friends and perfectly made vodka tonic (thanks to my friend Nathan), but ladies and gentlemen, I am about to reveal some pretty embarrassing stuff. Today’s Guilty Pleasures List: Ode to My CD Collection (part 1 of 2,317).

Not only do I still own the cd’s listed below, but I still thoroughly enjoy each and every one of them. I crank up the volume and go to town. Here are some of my most favorite bad  CD’s:

1. NSYNC: Home for Christmas – Not quite so embarrassing because everybody loves “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”, am I right? Then again maybe not since is selling it for $0.01.

2. S Club 7: 7 – Yikes. But remember how cute they were on that TV show? Fine, but there are some great songs on this one…Reach, Natural, Two in a Million…anyone?

Can’t you practically hear them screaming “PLEASE LIKE US! We are perky, cute and have endearing British accents!” Looking closely the blond guy in the back is terrifying. How did he make it in the group?

3. O-Town: O-Town and O2 – Yes, they made 2 cd’s. Yes, I own them both. Yes, I still remember the dance to Liquid Dreams…actually not that hard of a dance now that I’m watching it on YouTube but an incredibly dirty song! Why was I allowed to listen to this when I was younger? Another fun fact: I had my very first date at an O-Town concert. I was just that cool.

4. Svala: The Real Me – You won’t even recognize this person. She’s an Icelandic pop star who opened for the opening singer at the O-Town concert I went to. That’s right. Actually I know if some of you listened to her songs you’d think they’re insanely catchy, I promise.

5. Hanson: Middle of Nowhere, Snowed In, 3 Car Garage, This Time Around, Underneath, The Walk – Didn’t know there were this many Hanson cd’s? Well shame on you! I wish I could convince everyone I know to listen to their newer stuff (every song on Underneath), but I know you’re just going to roll your eyes and think “Oh, silly Liz…what a naive wannabe pop star, there’s no way I’m listening to that MmmBop crap” (by the way, if you caught that Spice Girls song reference you are officially my soulmate).

I used to make cd’s for my friends, sneak in a hidden Hanson song, and casually ask their opinion before I told them who was singing. People love ’em. Don’t believe me? Check out these videos, listen very closely, and then replay every cd mix I’ve ever made for you.

Penny and Me (the girl from the OC stars in this). If Only (a few years old but oh-so classic). Live version of Underneath (admit it! They are talented and you love them!). Well, at least they’ve come a looong way from MmmBop.  



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