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These crazy kids just can’t stop fighting lately! Could it be because an overly intelligent blogger named Liz recently predicted that their breakup is inevitable? Here’s the latest battle between Samantha and Lindsay:

“We hear that things got pretty tense at London’s Boujis Wednesday night after DJ Samantha Ronson spied her lover Lindsay Lohan chilling with her former squeeze Calum Best.

According to eyewitnesses, Sam was leaning into her cocktails when she saw Lindsay on the dance floor with the former model. Calum is said to have been the one who came over to her and Lindsay was enjoying the attention — and the flirting.

Sam is said to have gotten so angry that the two gals had to be restrained to keep them from beating on each other.”

[from story]

I had to google “Calum Best” because I had no recollection of him. I got tons of results with his name and the words ‘cocaine,’ ‘hookers,’ ‘sex tape,’ ‘orgies.’ Oh, and this lovely photo:


Seems like an upstanding young man.

I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but Lindsay is better off with Samantha. Kiss and make up, ladies.


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Remember that Friends episode where Ross and Rachel pick 5 celebrities of the opposite sex they would be allowed a ‘freebie’ with? Well, guess what loyal reader(s), I have a list of my own! After many sleepless nights, I present to you: My Five (in no particular order).

1. John Krasinski – Jim Halpert from The Office

I’m such a sucker for you, John/Jim. I have a thing for nerdy underdogs with a great sense of humor and adorable smile. I am embarrassed to admit that I think I’m honest-to-god in love with you. I have memorized every episode of your show, done countless Google searches for your biographies and photos, and keep a life-sized cut-out of you propped up in my kitchen so I can get up every morning, enjoy my coffee, and say “Good morning, sweetheart! Did you sleep well?”

Whoops…I may have said too much (that’s what we call an overshare). I promise I’m not insane! But seriously, John, I’d love if you could mail me some of your hair and maybe an old sweater so I can add them to the statue I’m making of you.

2. Joshua Jackson – Pacey from Dawson’s Creek 

Cue the Paula Cole theme song, and get me my row boat! Because, Josh/Pacey, I don’t want to wait for my life to be over.  I want to know right now, what will it be? Stop leading me on with your completely adorable grin, your devil-may-care slacker attitude, and your sexy cable-knit sweaters! I demand to know where you went after Dawson’s Creek ended. Come back soon because I’m starting to think you don’t love me the way I love you.

3. Christopher Meloni – Elliot Stabler from Law and Order: SVU

Is there anything better than watching Benson and Stabler kick the shit out of pedophiles? I think NOT. This show is my crack. I am 100% out-of-my-mind addicted, and Chris Meloni is mostly to blame. He has a gun and a badge, a penchant for breaking all the rules, and tough bad-boy image. Done and done.

(Oh, and Mary Frances? I know you’re going to post some comment about his receding hairline, and you know what? I think it’s sexy so don’t even bother.)

4. Ami James – from Miami Ink

I certainly don’t expect any of you to understand the bond we share – how a bad boy tattoo artist living in Miami can have such a powerful connection with a 23 year old Development Coordinator from Richmond, VA – but there’s something about you that I can’t get enough of, Mr. James. I dig your bald head, hardcore tattoos and low rise jeans. Call me up sometime and maybe we can get inked together.

5. Taylor Hanson



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Pete Wentz.

Not only do you have a weird last name, wear eyeliner, and insist on having awful, awful hair, but you think you’re entirely more famous and important than you really are. I had to GOOGLE your name to remember what band you actually were involved with.

How do you like them apples, ass-clown?

I am stumped as to how you managed to hook up with so many cute, famous Hollywood girls. You named your blog “A Homeboy’s Life” – UGH, I am actually ENRAGED at this by the way…like, punch-my-fist-through-my-computer-monitor-so-I-don’t-have-to-look-at-your-stupid-postings mad. Then you have the nerve to go and do other asinine things like this:

…apparently you’re ‘undercover.’ For serious. As far as I know this isn’t for a video shoot (is the band still even around?) or a commercial or anything like that. Just for fun or whatever.

Oh, and then there is this:

[in case you can’t read it clearly, it says “Your Ad Could Be Here”]

Ready Pete? No. One. Cares.

Also, this:


I have no words left to say to you. I am disgusted that people keep taking your photograph. Now go do something to earn your fame instead of simply knocking up Ashlee Simpson.


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