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Ok, I’m still thinking entirely too much about the last post and how sad it is that Aubrey O’Day probably was once a relatively talented, cute gal who now is a few bad outfits (or nude photos, or hair bleachings) shy of being number on on my HATE LIST. Let’s journey back to a softer, more innocent time in Aubrey’s life via a lovely photo montage. Because, really, who doesn’t love a good montage?


Brunette Aubrey O'Day
Aubrey O'Day
Holy downfall. 
Maybe I should title this post “Mr. and Mrs. O’Day Must Be So Proud” or “Move Over, Tara Reid.”


aubrey oday kiss dog

Dear Aubrey O’Day,

I know you were in Danity Kane and once upon a time, you were quite attractive and sort of quasi-talented (maybe?). Now you dress like a crazy person, have no discernible job except getting your photo taken, and dye your dog’s hair at whim.


And I don’t know what this photo is all about. My roommate’s dog is similar to yours (breed-wise not color-wise), and it is forever jumping all over us, licking, barking, and generally always wanting attention. Your dog, needless to say, seems over you. He is physically backing away from your, um, advances and probably will pee on your pillows before bedtime this evening just because he hates your guts (well, that’s how I express my anger at least). Stop licking your dog. NOW. I mean, I know he licks himself and all, but he doesn’t have herpes yet so just LET HIM BE. Jesus, you already dyed his hair without asking.



Your biggest fan

Hahah, just kidding, I don’t like you very much at all. Obviously.