Fun story.

So I just moved into a new apartment and mail is still coming from previous tenants. Usually it’s bills or junk mail, but every once in a while it’s a coupon book or fun magazine that I decide will best serve its purpose by belonging to me. Whether or not this is morally (or legally?) sound, I don’t really care to think about. Anywho, I usually just add whatever it is to the stack of magazines on my coffee table for my roommates and I to check out. 

Friday I grabbed said mail and there was a magazine made out to some random guy in a crisp plastic sleeve. I couldn’t see the cover b/c it was blacked out (if you already know where this is going you are way ahead of me). I was in a hurry to get dinner started and just threw it on the stack of other magazines. 

Needless to say, I forgot about it until Sunday morning, when a visiting guy friend from Richmond picks it up and exclaims, “LIZ. Why do you have a PLAYBOY in your apartment??” I probably should’ve been mildly embarrassed, but as I really had no idea what it was decided to just laugh it off. So the group of us hanging out rips off the cover and proceeds to objective analyze the entire thing. And here’s the question I’m posing to you, dear readers…and maybe it’s just me, but…

Does anyone else think cover-girl Aubrey O’Day (from Danity Kane) look like crap???


Aubrey O'Day

I mean, besides looking weirdly gold, her face looks more blow-up-doll than usual and her pose seems very awkward and uncomfortable. The rest of the photos look like crap to me as well. I’m not going to post the semi-nude ones on the site but if you want to check it out, look at

I feel like she’s too weird and trashy to be featured on a Playboy. And that’s sort of saying a lot, right?

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