I know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be voted the hottest couple in the galaxy, but not if Brad keeps this mustache up.


Oy. Even Angelina looks sad to be seen with him. She’s being dragged against her monochromatic will by a Don Juan in a gray scarf and somewhat humiliating headpiece. Can’t a girl ever catch a break?

And why is it that I can totally picture Angelina calling up Jennifer Aniston in a few years from now saying, “Damn, girl. How did you put up with that for so long? I know you most likely want me to suffer a long and painful death after what happened BUT you’re seriously cute and I think we should save the world together. You in?” And I really hope Jenn agrees because that would really show Brad and his facial hair up. Booyah.

**photo from people.com