But Kim Kardashian is really quite attractive. I know people give her shit for having a big ass but really, I doubt she’s anywhere near as big as people say. I haven’t found it for myself but I heard she posted a youtube video proving she can fit into a size 27 jean…and if that’s true then she’s much smaller than expected. Anywho, none of that matters – I dare anyone to look at the following photos and decide she is NOT attractive.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

Yeahhh, me too Kim. I’m not saying I think she’s an upstanding citizen, intelligent human being or even someone I’d want to attempt to hold a conversation with. Just that I’m sure even my own boyfriend would want to stare at her for a prolonged period of time. And/or motorboat her. I’m just sayin.

**photos from thesuperficial.com