I’m not a huge fan of Jessica Alba. I don’t understand why she keeps getting movie roles because nothing she’s done is that great (The Eye, that one with Dane Cook, etc – I can’t even remember the titles it’s that rough). She got bashed by the public for an interview where she implied that she isn’t proud of her ancestry. And she named her child Honor which is no Apple (ahem, Gwenyth Paltrow) but is still off the beaten path without being cool enough for me to really embrace (like Nicole Richie’s daughter, Harlow). Despite these things, this picture did sort of make me melt a little inside, like when the Grinch’s heart triples in size.

FAMILY TIME photo | Cash Warren, Jessica Alba

And I sort of had a panicking feeling like I needed to go steal that child because GOD SHE IS SO CUTE (and looks like a flying eskimo but is probably wearing a onesie that costs more than my whole outfit).


**photo from people.com