Alright, everyone. I want it on record that you heard this prediction HERE first. It’s really life-altering and maybe even more important than today’s election…

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan will be broken up in a matter of weeks. I’m giving it two months, tops.

What? But Liz, they are just SO perfect together what with the smoking and not showering and all, how can you say such horrid things? Well, sweet readers, I think Samantha’s over all the publicity bullshit and attitude that Lindsay apparently throws around at movie sets and in her everyday life. And that sort of makes me like her a little bit. At least this picture makes me smile because I imagine this is how I’d feel all the time if I was dating Lindsay Lohan.

WAITING GAME photo | Lindsay Lohan

Roll those eyes, honey. Nobody would blame you for walking away at any time.

Oh, and thanks for the hat. We don’t want to see that dirty hair anymore, ok?


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