Oh my god, if you’re having a bad / blah / slow day watch this Beyonce video for her song “Single Ladies.” My sister showed it to me last night and it is absolutely hilarious. We were also trying to imitate her and dance around like crazy people which makes if funnier as well.

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) (the volume must be up)

How sad is it that Halloween is over so you can’t find 2 friends to wear leotards and all dance in sync like this?

Next year.


**Update:I think Beyonce’s dancing has me under a trance because I cannot get this song out of my head. And also, my friend and I have agreed that we feel like inadequate women compared to her in this video – direct quote: “I feel like a pale shadow of a sexless human being” – I couldn’t have put it better myself.