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Karolina Kurkova does not have a belly button.

Don’t believe me? Check it:

“[The belly button’s] absence was noticed this week when the 24-year-old graced a US catwalk for lingerie giant Victoria Secret. While most of us have an “outie” or an “innie”, Ms Kurkova has a smooth indentation (although sometimes a tummy button is airbrushed onto her photos in post-production).[BBC report]

My first two reactions:

1. HA. I knew those models were too perfect to be real.

2. Um, that’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Can someone find out more because my mind is SPINNING, and I need answers NOW.


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These crazy kids just can’t stop fighting lately! Could it be because an overly intelligent blogger named Liz recently predicted that their breakup is inevitable? Here’s the latest battle between Samantha and Lindsay:

“We hear that things got pretty tense at London’s Boujis Wednesday night after DJ Samantha Ronson spied her lover Lindsay Lohan chilling with her former squeeze Calum Best.

According to eyewitnesses, Sam was leaning into her cocktails when she saw Lindsay on the dance floor with the former model. Calum is said to have been the one who came over to her and Lindsay was enjoying the attention — and the flirting.

Sam is said to have gotten so angry that the two gals had to be restrained to keep them from beating on each other.”

[from story]

I had to google “Calum Best” because I had no recollection of him. I got tons of results with his name and the words ‘cocaine,’ ‘hookers,’ ‘sex tape,’ ‘orgies.’ Oh, and this lovely photo:


Seems like an upstanding young man.

I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but Lindsay is better off with Samantha. Kiss and make up, ladies.


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So, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden broke up, which is so sad considering how precious they were together.

Hahahahaha, kidding. I remember thinking how weird it was for them to be dating in the first place. Now Paris can go back to being the ditzy, flirty, party girl she always was, and Benji can go back to, um, whatever he does when he’s not getting tattooed or being photographed with a blank expression on his face.

Looks like they’re going to have to return all those matching outfits though. How sad for them. I hate when that happens.


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Alright, people. It was only a matter of time before some skilled dancer memorized and recreated the AWESOMENESS that is the Beyonce “Single Ladies” music video (haven’t seen it? Check it out here). This guy has the facial expressions, hair flips, and prances down perfectly. This post goes out to you, Shane Mercado, because you have done what others have only dreamt of doing.

Shane Mercado dances the Beyonce “Single Ladies” music video

If you don’t click on this you’ll most definitely be sorry. You’ve been warned.

I know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be voted the hottest couple in the galaxy, but not if Brad keeps this mustache up.


Oy. Even Angelina looks sad to be seen with him. She’s being dragged against her monochromatic will by a Don Juan in a gray scarf and somewhat humiliating headpiece. Can’t a girl ever catch a break?

And why is it that I can totally picture Angelina calling up Jennifer Aniston in a few years from now saying, “Damn, girl. How did you put up with that for so long? I know you most likely want me to suffer a long and painful death after what happened BUT you’re seriously cute and I think we should save the world together. You in?” And I really hope Jenn agrees because that would really show Brad and his facial hair up. Booyah.

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Just kidding! You really didn’t think I mean that seriously, right? Sorry if you did. Actually, not at all because this outfit of his put me in a terrific mood:

Hmm, a fur coat, red track short, white tights, white slipers, wool beanie….oh, my, god. My brain has gone into hypersonic OVERLOAD over this outfit. WTF, Kid Rock?! I sincerely hope that the hilarious, ingenious ladies of have gotten their hands on this photo. I really hope he’s f*cking with the media because otherwise he should be hauled off to the nearest asylum. HA.

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But Kim Kardashian is really quite attractive. I know people give her shit for having a big ass but really, I doubt she’s anywhere near as big as people say. I haven’t found it for myself but I heard she posted a youtube video proving she can fit into a size 27 jean…and if that’s true then she’s much smaller than expected. Anywho, none of that matters – I dare anyone to look at the following photos and decide she is NOT attractive.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

Yeahhh, me too Kim. I’m not saying I think she’s an upstanding citizen, intelligent human being or even someone I’d want to attempt to hold a conversation with. Just that I’m sure even my own boyfriend would want to stare at her for a prolonged period of time. And/or motorboat her. I’m just sayin.

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I came across this photo of Katherine Heigl today and cannot stop laughing because this is EXACTLY what I do when I have a late night and am starving:

Well, minus the really expensive bedazzled dress and fur wrap. But Forever21 could sort of look nice, too. Right?


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Ok, so what do you think George W. Bush was trying to accomplish by posing like this for a photograph?


Maybe, PEACE THE F*CK OUT, BITCHES. I mean, geez, he hasn’t looked this happy for his entire acting career / presidency. Huh, interesting.

On second thought, he probably has no idea what’s going on or who all these people are and what they’re doing surrounding him. Yeahh, that sounds more like his style.

TGIF everyone!


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Remember when I made the prediction that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson would be breaking up soon? Check it out, suckers:

“Lindsay and Sam had a huge bust up last week at Pure night club in Las Vegas. Lindsay was flirting with a guy and Sam was ballistic. Lindsay says she loves Sam more than anything but she just can’t help that she is attracted to the opposite sex. She thinks that they should come to some sort of understanding. Lindsay wants an open relationship where she can explore her heterosexuality without feeling guilty or sneaking around.” [from The Sun]

First step, open relationship from lesbian lover. Second step, dumping terrifying she-man for real men…

Ahh, young love.