David Beckham is, judging from these photos, an ass-man.

David Beckham wants him some

(April 2008)

David Beckham scoping out some cheerleader ass

(May 2008)

David Beckham loves him some cheerleader ass

(October 2008)

His facial expressions crack me up. He looks like a starving dog begging for food; if I look closely I can see drool. And, metaphoriclly speaking, he is starving since he’s married to a human stick figure who disappears when she turns sideways (literally, look closely below).


Let this be a lesson to us, ladies, that most men prefer some curves and not twiggy, brittle, little-boy figures. So Posh, for the love of carbohydrates, eat a freakin’ sandwich once every week or so (start slow, honey). And maybe buy a cheerleader’s uniform and prance around your mansion sometimes.