Ok, they were annoying before, but Speidi (Spencer Pratt + Heidi Montag) just made it on my HATE list.

Spencer’s shirt reads: “Palin for VP – God, Guns, Glory”

Heidi’s shirt reads: “Read my lipstick- Vote McCain Palin”

Somebody is going to physically hurt them for this little stunt. And I’m not saying it’s going to be me, but in case the headlines tomorrow read “SPENCER AND HEIDI ATTACKED BY CRAZY BRUNETTE WITH DESK SCISSORS AND A STAPLE REMOVER” (not my weapons of choice, but the ones I have easy access to at the moment), I will have fled the country and this blog will cease to exist. I’m willing to sacrifice myself for the greater good of living in a world where there is no Speidi.

Huh. This surprises me since I didn’t know either of them could read. Maybe they tried but got confused and decided to make out instead. That sounds about right.


 *UPDATE (10 minutes after posting): Oh wait, there’s more…

Shit, Spencer must’ve heard I was coming at him with desk supply weapons because HE GOT HIMSELF A GUN. I guess I’ll have to swing by the house and pick up my remote mines, rocket launcher, and laser gun before heading to Los Angeles.

And, yes, I used to play a lot of Nintendo 64’s James Bond: GoldenEye.


**photos from celebslam.celebuzz.com