Happy Friday!

It’s been a rough morning for yours truly so far. I was supposed to get my hair done but the stylist just had to cancel (he mumbled something about a nightmare involving Britney Spears’ weave and that he would never touch hair again, etc, etc); my makeup artist was 3 minutes late AGAIN and I had to fire her on the spot; and my personal chef had the nerve to char the edges of my multigrain toast and served me scrambled eggs when I specifically requested them over easy…

SIGH. Being important and rich sure is rough! That’s why I can totally commiserate with the following celebrities who are forced to be out in public before their styling teams can make them so perfect that it makes the hoi polloi weep self-conscious tears of sorrow and wonder why they can’t look like us…

1. Lo Bosworth – with makeup:

Lo Bostworth without makeup:

READY, SET, CURL photo | Lauren Bosworth

2. Hilary Duff – with makeup:

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff – without makeup:

Eva Longoria – with makeup:

Eva Longoria – without makeup:

Pam Anderson – with makeup:

Pam Anderson – without makeup:

Heidi Klum – with makeup:

Heidi Klum – without makeup:


WOW. See ladies? If we all had teams of people making us gorgeous each morning we could ALL have perfect hair, perfect skin, and perfect eyeliner.

JESUS CHRIST, Amy Winehouse. You have ONCE AGAIN disproven my theory. You are simply a freak of nature. Be gone, creature!


**photos from people.com, usmagazine.com, babble.com