Alright, people. I realized something incredibly important last evening regarding my Top 5 list posted at Boys, Boys, Boys


That’s how Ross from Friends got in trouble, remember? He had his list all laminated and ready to go when he met a previous Top 5 celebrity woman, Isabella Rossilini. He told her about his list and she said she didn’t see her name and left. That was his mistake! His tragic downfall! The unhappy climax preceding dénouement, if you will (English majors, anyone?). Either way, I intend to learn from this scripted hilarity, so I’m adding in my alternate. A man who has always made me laugh so hard I snort and/or spit out the wine I’m drinking (causing me to look refined and sophisticated as always). A man who loves to make fun of pop culture and bad television as much as I do. A man who might not be the sexiest TV personality around (Bob Barker, you win, you always do you white haired Lothario) but who can pull off a midriff shirt better than school girl Britney Spears style


Mr. Joel McHale, I adore you. Keep up the good work, sir.


**for references, click on photos above