I love Britney, MaryKate (I like it better with no space, not really sure why but just go with it), and Ashley, if you already couldn’t tell from recent Guilty Pleasure Friday posts. I love them for, well, many reasons but one certainly is the way they always attract tons of media attention resulting in tons of photographs. And in these photographs they look ridiculous a lot of the time. Take for example…


Shh, nobody tell Britney that mesh went out of style a few decades ago. And underwear as outwear? Yikes. It’s just a hunch, but I don’t think she’s attracting the right kind of attention from these ensembles.


These either. Let’s just say that this past year hasn’t been Brit’s best year. And that’s being incredibly gracious, and good God I hope I can get these visuals out of my head soon or else we’re looking at a long day people. Happily, like when a long, harsh winter slowly begins to thaw into spring, Ms. Spears’ insane clothing choices are melting away and revealing nicer, more flattering outfits.


And once again, there is hope in the world.

Now, MaryKate and Ashley aren’t quite the train wrecks that Brit has been. They go for a more homeless, messy style of clothes and makeup best described by GoFugYourself blogger as “walk of shame” chic. I usually think “Hm, she looks like a crazy bag lady” or “Did they throw on everything they own at once?” when I see their candids.

And the hair and makeup can get very ugly, very quickly (it’s usually MaryKate’s fault, let’s blame her).


However, in this recent photo (at the launch of their new clothing line) the twinlettes look clean and pretty and like they might have made an effort for once! 

I know it’s too much to ask that they really show any signs of happiness, but I’m just SO glad they showered and did their hair! Otherwise they were in danger of looking like Samantha Ronson, and that is just NOT OK.


**photos from thefashionpolice.net, people.com, perezhilton.com, fresnobeehive.com