The “Things I Wish I Liked (but don’t)” list that pertains to my own life is posted at my other blog, but now you can get the pimped-out, Celebrity bedazzled version of this post HERE (limited time only, prices void where prohibited)! Enjoy it and try not to judge me for my opinions.

1. Austin Powers 1, 2, 3…however many there are now – I just can’t get into them. I actually don’t tell many people this because 1-the jokes are sort of old at this point that it doesn’t come up in conversation like it used to, and 2-people really thought it was legitimately funny (really, everyone?) and don’t understand why I don’t. I vividly remember sitting on a bus headed to my middle school ski trip with my classmates while the first Austin Powers movie was playing, and I was baffled that everyone was laughing. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good silly, slapstick comedy (hey, Robin Hood: Men in Tights), but I just cannot handle these. I sort of don’t want to even include a photo but (ugh) I guess I will…


And I wish I liked the damn movies because everybody else seems to, and then I could do all movie quotes along with them.

2. MTV – Except for The Hills, which is fake, but nevertheless my own form of crack addiction (t.v. show addiction is much healthier…try it for a change, Amy Winehouse), most MTV shows today are just awful. A Shot at Love with Tela Tequila? Paris Hilton’s My New BFF? My Super Sweet Sixteen? NEXT? Sex With Mom and Dad (yes, it’s a real show where young girls tell their parents they’re having sex and they all embark on sex-related, ice-breaker games, and mom inevitably acts like a prostitute to appear young, hip and relate-able, and the dad looks murderous, especially when they bring in the boyfriend)?

WE GET IT. Sex sells. But do we really want to expose teenagers to this behavior every second of every day? I remember the good old days when MTV actually was Music Television and when The Real World wasn’t a porno. I wish it would return because then I would like it again.


3. Lindsay Lohan’s “special friend” Samantha Ronson – I don’t care if Lindsay likes girls or boys or farm animals for that matter. I just dislike Samantha because of the hat,

 the hair,

 the annoying way she poses,

and the fact that she’s so adverse to showering. Ever. And I so wish I liked her because it seems like she’s always being photographed. Sigh.


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