What in the world is the criteria for getting a Hollywood Star these days? Does Howie Mandel, the host of “Deal or No Deal,” really qualify??

It just doesn’t seem right.


Well, I just did some extensive research (google.com search) and found out you now just have to pay a fee, submit an application, and then get voted in. Thank goodness it isn’t based on raw talent and years of hard-earned fame anymore! Then Ricky Martin, Ryan Seacrest, and Keanu Reeves * would never have made it on the list with the likes of Hollywood Legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, and Steven Spielburg.

But I am secretly thrilled to see that Chuck Norris has one:


And just for fun:

*Not that they don’t work hard, but COME ON, are they really on the same playing field as Martin Scorsese or Ed Sullivan?? (and NO, Ryan Seacrest, you aren’t the next Ed – Let. It. Go.)

**photo from people.com