Dear readers,

Forgive me for not being prolific in the past few days. I have about 238 things on my work to-do list (don’t even get me started on the non-work to-do list…quite longer than the first), and since I don’t get reliable internet connection at home yet, cannot blog from the comfort of my living room. Sigh. I await the glorious day when I can afford and properly connect my wireless router, pour a big glass of wine (if you think these posts are mildly entertaining now just wait until I write while drinking), and snuggle on my couch to type. It’s something I wish I could be doing RIGHT NOW instead of procrastinating because I can’t figure out how to work the damn software needed to finish this stock gift entry. Oh the joys of being a Development/Fundraiser worker for a small non-profit school.

Anywho, I hope to get some more free time towards the end of the week. Be on the lookout for posts…if you have any suggestions or ideas of what you want to see LET ME KNOW! I love getting comments. Plus it helps having feedback when my brain is so tired that I can’t come up with new material. Like now.


Your tired, relatively cranky Blog Captain


P.S. Please call me Blog Captain if you leave any comments because it entertains me. Over and out.