Dear Gossip Girl boys,



I’m really sorry that you all fell into a lake before shooting this magazine cover. You look wet, cold and angry. I can relate. It’s not pleasant being caught in a sudden downpour, getting hit by a rogue ocean wave or being pushed into a pool with all your clothes on (or whatever must have happened). According to the lovely Mary Frances, when unexpectedly soaked to the bone you can either laugh or cry…apparently you didn’t get that memo. I hope your next photo shoot goes better for you all.

I’m also sincerely sorry that one of the headings posted here is “Inside the Twisted World of Revenge Porn,” because, if people don’t recognize your handsome faces from TV, they might just think you were victims of a scandalous gay ring of hate pornography. And that just can’t be good for anybody’s reputation.

Lastly, how ironically fun is it that the magazine also has the headline “Do You Have Douchebag Hair?” printed near your pretty little faces when they obviously didn’t even attempt to style your own hairdos! I mean, just because one of you has your shirt opened one button shy of being socially appropriate and all of you have perfected the fiercest pouty lip poses I’ve ever seen…doesn’t mean you’re douchebags. Right? Right?  


Your apologetic Blog Captain,

(yes, I still think that title is funny…just humor me)



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