Dedication: To you, my extreme-sports-loving friend, as you enjoy your last day of work at a job where you’re banned from using the acronym above. Soon you will know the joys of working for a company that doesn’t belittle your snack choices, label bathroom stall doors, or insist you say TGIM or TBIF instead.


Guilty Pleasure Friday: Knee Socks, Boxed Wine & NSYNC Posters

I just realized howall of those things perfectly define my Freshman year at college. Also my Sophomore year. Also my…Ok, FINE, all those things still define my life. Maybe it’s time I upgraded to newer posters (since JT peaced out and Lance tried to go to space and JC just got f-ing weird) because, let’s face it, I have no intentions of ever outgrowing the boxed wine.

Anywho, it’s MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK! Congratulations on making it to the weekend (almost, so close!). Maybe it’s because it’s still so early or maybe it’s because my brain has transported me to 13 hours from now when I’ll be enjoying my friends and perfectly made vodka tonic (thanks to my friend Nathan), but ladies and gentlemen, I am about to reveal some pretty embarrassing stuff. Today’s Guilty Pleasures List: Ode to My CD Collection (part 1 of 2,317).

Not only do I still own the cd’s listed below, but I still thoroughly enjoy each and every one of them. I crank up the volume and go to town. Here are some of my most favorite bad  CD’s:

1. NSYNC: Home for Christmas – Not quite so embarrassing because everybody loves “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”, am I right? Then again maybe not since is selling it for $0.01.

2. S Club 7: 7 – Yikes. But remember how cute they were on that TV show? Fine, but there are some great songs on this one…Reach, Natural, Two in a Million…anyone?

Can’t you practically hear them screaming “PLEASE LIKE US! We are perky, cute and have endearing British accents!” Looking closely the blond guy in the back is terrifying. How did he make it in the group?

3. O-Town: O-Town and O2 – Yes, they made 2 cd’s. Yes, I own them both. Yes, I still remember the dance to Liquid Dreams…actually not that hard of a dance now that I’m watching it on YouTube but an incredibly dirty song! Why was I allowed to listen to this when I was younger? Another fun fact: I had my very first date at an O-Town concert. I was just that cool.

4. Svala: The Real Me – You won’t even recognize this person. She’s an Icelandic pop star who opened for the opening singer at the O-Town concert I went to. That’s right. Actually I know if some of you listened to her songs you’d think they’re insanely catchy, I promise.

5. Hanson: Middle of Nowhere, Snowed In, 3 Car Garage, This Time Around, Underneath, The Walk – Didn’t know there were this many Hanson cd’s? Well shame on you! I wish I could convince everyone I know to listen to their newer stuff (every song on Underneath), but I know you’re just going to roll your eyes and think “Oh, silly Liz…what a naive wannabe pop star, there’s no way I’m listening to that MmmBop crap” (by the way, if you caught that Spice Girls song reference you are officially my soulmate).

I used to make cd’s for my friends, sneak in a hidden Hanson song, and casually ask their opinion before I told them who was singing. People love ’em. Don’t believe me? Check out these videos, listen very closely, and then replay every cd mix I’ve ever made for you.

Penny and Me (the girl from the OC stars in this). If Only (a few years old but oh-so classic). Live version of Underneath (admit it! They are talented and you love them!). Well, at least they’ve come a looong way from MmmBop.  



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