-A new blog friend of mine, writer of Quirky and Mr. Talented, has added a blog post of her Top 5 celebrity guys. It’s a catchy theme! Thanks, Friends. It’s a great list, and none of the men she chose have receding hairlines so you may enjoy the photos more (sorry but Christopher Meloni STAYS). Who would make it on your list? I love feedback so get cracking. Plus, I’m waiting for Mary Frances to put up her Top 5 (internet peer pressure?) because I know one of them is going to be a dead Greek philosopher or something since she’s a Classics Grad Student at Bryn Mawr…and I really want to tease her about it.

-I want to link up to some other friends of mine who have fabulous blogs so I can share the wealth! Made in Richmond by the lovely Val Catrow (soon to be Mommy Catrow!) and Follow the Cook by my talented friend Leslie (who I’m very jealous of because the only things I can make in the kitchen are small fires). Enjoy!

-And thanks for the comments so far. I know there are probably 7 people who I’ve convinced to read this (sorry guys), but your feedback makes me smile. So thank you!

-I got a request (more of a threat actually) to mention the James Madison Univeristy mascot. As much as I love my alma mater, I’m not really sure what to say to the, ahem, imaginary mascot, the Duke Dog. But, since I like to please the people who read this, here goes: “Hey Duke Dog, see you at the game tomorrow! I’ll be the one dressed in purple and gold carrying around a boxed wine.” Which will be quite the scene to behold since I’m oh-so classy and have a rough track record with tailgating. Behold:

I think this is Senior year. This is my signature drunken stop-taking-photos face. I’m sure there will be a few like this tomorrow.  Oh, and for that person who forced me to mention the Duke Dog? Payback’s a bitch:

You know I love me some knee socks. But seriously, let this be a lesson to you all.  



**photos from people.com, hahah, no, from my own personal collection