It’s my favorite day of the week! I am indulging myself in writing only about celebrities and celebrity-related things that I love. I mean, it’s better than indulging in my love for hard liquor (although don’t be surprised if you one day read a post entitled “Ode to a Dirty Vodka Martini”) or my love for brie, guacamole and all things high in fat. Also, it’s really tough to indulge in the liquor habit at work – not impossible, but tricky to say the least. Let’s just say it takes practice.

So my first guilty pleasure? Ms. Britney Spears. Yes, you all know how much I adore her despite the abominable downward spiral and all the custody/divorce/emergency room drama.  I have been a loyal fan from the beginning, although my devotion did waiver when she was photographed bald, attacking a car with an umbrella. But hey, we’ve all been there, right? Just me? Hm, interesting.

Indulge my indulgence.

The Good Old Days aka Before the Shit Hit the Fan

OhmygodOhmygod aka 1000 Days of Night
Comeback Queen? aka Still Not Out of the Woods
Despite the fact that she sort of looks like she’s made of wax and propped up against Jordin Sparks, BritBrit hasn’t looked this healthy, happy, or SANE in a loooong time. Keep it up! She won 3 MTV VMA awards for “Piece of Me,” and she’s back in the dance studio rehearsing. She’s took her sons to meet their new cousin (oh, Jamie Lynn, we should really have a chat about many things) and supposedly is even on speaking terms with K-Fed again.
Let’s just hope her mother’s tell-all book Through the Storm(releasing September 16) doesn’t send her back to crazy town.
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