There are some celebrities that I simply cannot, cannot stand.

And yes, I am talking to you Miss Celine Dion. Begrudgingly, I admit that you do have a perfectly lovely voice. And Vegas seems to be treating you well these days. But why, oh why did you marry that grandfather? He was already old when he became your manager…when you were 12! I mean, he knew you before you hit puberty.  It’s just entirely too creepy for me to fathom. Where were your parents when all this was going down? I’ve been asking myself these questions for years and, as it’s starting to affect my sleeping habbits, I would greatly appreciate some answers.  

However, there are also a few celebrities that I’m on the fence about. For example:

Miley Cyrus – I have never seen her Disney show, but since I don’t live under a rock, I know all about Hannah Montana, the possible fling with a Jonas Brother, and the many semi-racy photos splashed all over the internet. Many people I know have strong feelings towards the pop-tart star. I keep going back and forth. I understand that 15 is a little too young to be showing off her amazingly flat stomach and lime green bra. I dislike that one of her songs sounds OH SO similar to “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night.” And I am confused by her name. But she is sort of adorable and has a fabulous, fabulous head of hair (I’m a sucker for that). I also find her newer song “7 Things” ridiculously catchy…



And I sort of enjoy that she is slightly controversial. She’s not a great role model but she’s not singing about kissing girls and liking it (hey, Katy Perry) nor is she seemingly never. wearing. pants. (hey again, Katy Perry). Although there will most likely be an eminent downward spiral ending in a sex tape and possible rehab stint, for now I think Miley’s ok.

Let’s all just thank God that Celine didn’t have such easy access to digital cameras and internet postings when she was Miley’s age.


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